Iceland in Photographs

Venice gets too insane for me in the afternoon, so I thought I’d get some work done. I hope to have more photographs to share soon. Enjoy!

So in love with the Icelandic horses. Stunningly beautiful and wild.
North of Reykjavik.


Starting at 12 o’clock and moving clockwise: Skyr (plain and mixed berry…thick, creamy yogurt), whale marinated in soy sauce (tasted like tuna, but I feel really bad for eating and liking because I love whales), brown bread with a curried herring sauce (really good), cauliflower and tomato soup with tabasco (non-traditional, just something my host had), and Icelandic horse with onions and broccoli.
Snaefellsjokull National Park.


I feel really bad about unknowingly eating some horse after being in awe of their beauty the entire day, but I couldn’t be rude to my host. It tasted like beef.

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