Pizza, Pizza, Pizza: The Amalfi Coast, Montepertuso


I never had pizza on this leg of my adventure, but I had some of the best food I had on my entire trip around the world, some of which I even cooked myself.

The train ride from Rome to Salerno was decent and the view was specatular. I watched the country side become a blur and got some nice views of Mt. Vesuvius. Once I reached the station, I hauled my bags down some stairs from the train platform to find my hired car waiting for me. It wasn’t cheap for the hour ride ($100 USD), but it made things easy, and sometimes hassle-free is worth the price especially when carrying two large bags, a stuffed carry-on, and purse. The drive up into the mountains and then along the Amalfi Coast was insane. The beauty was stunning and the colorful villas perched on the steep coastal cliffs dotted the landscape. I had to be dreaming. I was here. I was in a car weaving along the switchbacks of the highway, getting dangerously close to the edge and coming within inches of oncoming traffic. I completely channeled Francis Mayes from Under the Tuscan Sun. Lady bugs were everywhere!


I was greeted in Piazza Cappella by my hosts Antonietta and Renato. They took my bags from me and led me down a path that ran next to the soccer field and then down the cliff a bit where trees, gardens, and villas lined the path. It was only a few minutes walk until we reached Villa Laura. I had it all to myself. The breathtaking views. The garden. The large and fully equipped kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, jacuzzi tub, washer, and french doors that opened to a stunning view of the coast from high above on my left and a view of Mt. Gambera on the right.


They were so warm and welcoming and even presented me with some phenomenal Prosecco, a plate full of bruschetta, and fresh roasted peppers that came from their garden. The sun poked through the pergola overhead and I decided to sit, drink, eat, and marvel at where I would be staying for the next eight days. I didn’t do much than that ALL WEEK LONG and it was AMAZING. I welcomed the rest, the time to edit photos, write some thoughts down, and reflect on how I felt about my travels so far.


Italy was my last stop before joining a group of strangers for two weeks and trekking through Nepal. I wanted to quiet myself, while psyching myself up to do something that I wasn’t sure I could do. The perfectly Italian breakfasts made for me every morning by Antonietta and Renato sent me over the edge. Being a self-proclaimed foodie, food blogger, baker, and cook, I had basically died and gone to heaven. Italy+Fresh, locally sourced food+dessert for breakfast+beautifully crafted cappuccinos=one Colombian floating on cloud nine!!! My morning experiences and my dinner at their family’s restaurant won Best Food Award for my entire trip. I dream about their food!


So, yes. Their family owns this amazing restaurant called La Tagliata. It is located just up the road and Renato kindly drove me there (which I appreciated even more once it started to rain). I entered the restaurant and got to meet Mama, the chef extraordinaire! I was seated at a table over looking the coast and all of its twinkling lights. The restaurant doesn’t have a menu you choose from, but has a multiple course menu that changes every day. It was only me, but Mama insisted that I get to try everything, and lots of it! I wasn’t sure how I would make it through the meal, the food was so tasty, so authentic, so fresh (much of it comes from their on-site garden), but there was so much of it! I didn’t want to be rude, so I ate as much as I could…I definitely was walking away with the meat sweats! Dinner was finished off with dessert and some lovely tastes of Limoncello! I was even treated to live music being performed during dinner, with my favorite being a fantastic and lively rendition of Tu Vuo’ Fa L’Americano.

It was such a wonderful week full of nothing and everything all at once. I will forever dream of returning and know I have ‘family’ to visit in Montepertuso when I get the chance! If you ever get the chance to visit, you must stay at Villa Laura!!! It’s the best!!


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