As far as photography goes, my approach is to photograph things that are genuine, realistic, natural, and honest. I’m not big on over processing an image or creating something that didn’t happen. I look at it the way I do make-up: I just want to enhance and highlight features while still keeping things true to what’s there. If that’s your style, then I am your person!

I spent much of my time photographing the wilderness in my backyard along the Grand River before moving out to the PNW. Much of my abstract and landscape work comes out of those quiet moments alone in the woods. Much of my recent work has been personal and from the outdoors. As I mentioned on the Home page, I traveled around the world in 2016. My most recent trip took me back to South America to get to know a part of my history that had escaped me due to being adopted and being loved by some amazing Michiganders.

Before all of the travel I tested recipes, wrote, and photographed for a food blog called “The Everyday Chef and Wife.” I love to cook/bake and being a part of their catering and blog life was a longtime dream come true! Check their blog out for lots of great recipes and so much more!

Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

In case you want to get to know me on a less serious side, here are some things you should know about me:

I have an irrational fear of dinosaurs. I know they no longer exist, but ever since ‘Jurassic Park’, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that they will one day roam the earth again. And then eat me.

N*SYNC was my favorite boy band growing up. They were the best. No contest. I still jam out to ‘Tearing’ Up My Heart’ every now and again. Don’t judge.

John Lennon is my Beatle.

As of 7.31.16, I had only traveled internationally twice. The first time was when I was adopted and brought from Bogota, Colombia to my childhood home in Michigan. The second time was to the Bahamas with a friend. That number has certainly increased since 2016!

I am not a fan of bugs, for the most part, yet I am unable to kill them. It makes me feel like a jerk. I relocate them instead no matter how terrified I am.

Some of my favorite movies are: Twister (biggest guilty pleasure ever), Contact, An American Werewolf in London, The Birds, Far and Away, and Under the Tuscan Sun.

I love watching documentaries about tidal waves, tornadoes, siafu ants, irukandji jellyfish, crocodiles, sharks, giant squids, and mountains. Completely fascinated and entranced when I see these.

You’ll realize I’m a goofball after I get over my initial shyness. I also giggle A LOT.

Last, but certainly not least: I love God. He has been too good to me. I am thankful for the life he has provided, the good and the not-so-good because it has all led me here. To this very moment. I’m right where I’m meant to be.